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2014-12-24 10:51:13


Using the E-tester to confirm the defects such as short or open.

Utilize the theory of light to compare the board image with CAM data and judge the board planeness according with the requirement.

Utilize the theory of light to compare the hole status with CAM data and judge the
hole number、diameter and location correctly.

Trough the visual inspecting to judge the finished borad existing other defects.

在需要焊接的铜面附着上一层保护膜,如OSP、化银、化金、喷锡?#21462;?BR>In need of welding on the copper surface adhesion of a layer of protective film, such as OSP, SILVER, ENIG,HASL, etc.

100% visual inspection by automatical machine or manual.

Packing the borads following the requirement of customer.



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