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2014-12-24 13:52:27

Coarsen the surface by micro-etching and form copper oxide on the surface by brown solution,add the adhension between conductor and resin.

Multilayers after combination should be lay up with copper foil and PP.

Multilayers after lay up should be bonded by high temperature and pressure.

將压合好之冊板与 lay up 相反程序拆出分开叠放.
Use the mark line to unload the finished laminition boards which is just oppsite with the lay up procedure and separate them one by one.

通过X-RAY /CCD对位系統抓取內層靶标,再利用高速运转的主軸配合钻?#26041;?#20854;定位孔钻出
Get the target in inner layer by X-ray/CCD and drill location hole by drill bits and spindle with high speed.

Performing LM routing cut the useless flowed resin on the boards edge.



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